Justin Grady

Senior Web Developer & Digital Strategist

Web development, brand management, and social media strategy. Experienced in working with advertising agencies, news media, and cause related organizations.

  • Frameworks:
    • CodeIgniter (PHP)
    • ExpressionEngine (PHP)
    • Bootstrap 3 (HTML5 & JavaScript)
  • Wordpress:
    • Installation, including multisite setup
    • HTML5/Responsive design theme building
    • Custom plugin development
  • Newscycle Solutions:
    • NCS Unified (Saxotech/Publicus) development
    • NCS Unlimited (DT Web/Caché ObjectScript) development
    • NCS Circulation
    • Syncronex JavaScript and SDK installations
    • Replica editions vendor software rollouts (PageSuite, Issuu, Virtual Paper, Technavia, Olive)
  • Advertising, Marketing, Social, Analytics
    • Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) installation, strategy, campaign setup, execution, and reporting
    • MailChimp template building and email list management
    • Social media strategy, copywriting, training, and execution
    • Google Analytics and Chartbeat (real time metrics)
  • Programming tools and other skills
    • Full LAMP stack development
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and scaling (Unix/Linux)
    • JavaScript and jQuery
    • Git and GitHub, code collaboration
    • API development and installations
    • Data Migrations
    • Search Engine Optmization - code, correct DOM structure, tools, measurement