Justin Grady

GIT Repositories

Issuu Publication Viewer

A web app for readers to view 'replica' print editons of daily and weekly publications. It is easy to deploy to new sites once a domain is established and new entries are added to a central configuration file. This application integrates with the Issuu.com API, Syncronex Paymenter. Built using CodeIgniter and Bootstrap 3.

Exportrunner data migration tool

This tool was built to transport 250k articles from an older CMS to a new one. It works in this order:

  1. Get NITF XML output from old CMS of content and image locations
  2. Exportrunner cleanses data and tranforms it into UTF-8 encoded content
  3. Exportrunner contains a taxonomy lookup table to categorize content from old structure to new structure as defined in the new CMS
  4. Exportrunner provides images first to new new CMS (as required by vendor), and then custom XML to new CMS interface
  5. Exportrunner keeps error logs if content fails on old CMS output, or new CMS rejects XML for malformation.
  6. Successfully migrated 205k articles
  7. Peices of this application have been repurposed for ongoing data imports into new CMS

Bend Bulletin Wordpress theme

A responsive design Wordpress theme to match BendBulletin.com. Built using Bootstrap 3, HTML5, and jQuery.